The Charm of Letters
by Baigalmaa staff
The Charm of Letters
Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash
In this era we live in, it is almost impossible not to express our feelings through letters. Shouldn't we learn from the time when we used to write down our emotions, feelings and situations on paper with amazing urns? Although our means of communication have changed and everything is digital, there is no other way to express everything in writing. Therefore, expressing things beautifully and writing down your feelings in words will help you feel the beauty of your native language. Wouldn't it be nice to receive a nice, emotional letter, even if it's by email, and sit back and read it? Please accept that I was inspired to deliver a series of letters that people used to write to each other.

Letters from Napoleon Bonaparte to his wife Josephine
There wasn't a day that I didn't love you, I didn't spend a night that I didn't hug you with my heart and caress you, my love, behind a cup of coffee, I sit cursing my pride and pride, which is the reason I stay away from you. Even when I stand in front of thousands of my warriors and inspect the camps where I camped, you occupy my heart and I still think of you, my beloved Josephine. I am now drifting away from you with the rapidity of the Rhone, but it is to hasten the time when I shall meet you, I console myself. Sometimes, even when he gets up in the middle of the night to do his work, he regains his strength with the thought of speeding up his return to you, to you, to you, my love. In your letters of the 23rd and 26th, you must have addressed me as "You". How can this be? What a cold relationship? Josephine! My Josephine! Do you remember when I used to tell you that the world gave me a strong and unchanging soul? But, it's like the world created you with a fine mesh and a breeze... Will you stop loving me? My love, my love, which is the meaning of my life! my heart is torn. Have mercy on me. My heart for you is filled with fear and sadness... My heart aches. You are writing to me, mentioning my name. I will wait for your writing. Goodbye my love. If you don't love me anymore, you never loved me. I will be very sorry.