I don't help my wife
by Baigalmaa staff
I don't help my wife
I am not helping my wife, but I think I am doing what I have to do.

- An acquaintance of mine came to our house and I sat down to talk with him. - He stood up to wash the dishes, and looked at me as if he had heard something about building a spaceship. - I am glad that you are helping my wife. I don't help. I don't even care if he helped me once or twice. "I washed the floor last week, so I don't even have to thank you," he says arrogantly. I came back after washing the dishes and talked to him like this. He even explained it in his own way, or so he said. My wife doesn't need a helper, she needs a partner. I am his housework partner. They do various household chores together. I don't think it can be called helping your wife to do what you have to do in the house. Since I live in this house, I am also responsible for cleaning, but I am not helping my wife. When I want to eat, I cook. They cook to eat, not to help. I wash the dishes after eating. I gave him food. Other than that, it's not a matter of helping his wife. I care about my children. They are your children, my wife's and my children. I am their father. Is the father's duty the wife's? I am not a helper of this family, but an integral part of it. As for whether or not to praise, when have you praised your wife for cleaning the house, washing things, changing the linen, bathing the children, preparing food and drinks, or doing anything in general? Does he praise each time? but he said - "I told you yesterday that it's a pile." I continued, - Doesn't all this seem pointless? Almost for the first time in your life, you will receive praise after washing the floor. My friend, you are so proud of being a "man" and think that all this is a wife's job. It is the most absurd thing. Maybe you were raised to do nothing. But you, as you yourself deserve praise, and how you want to be praised, praise your wife with those words. Become your wife's companion, a part of your household, not like a guest who comes to eat, sleep, bathe, and fulfill your needs. He sat listening silently, got up, thanked me anyway and left.