Unpleasant things to give and receive as gifts
by Baigalmaa staff
Unpleasant things to give and receive as gifts
Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Mirrors. Since ancient times, mirrors are believed to be magical and the surface of the mirror has the ability to communicate with the underworld, so don't give a mirror as a gift. In particular, old mirrors should not be given or taken as gifts.

Time. Sex time is said to bring suffering. When giving a gift to a loving couple or giving each other a watch, it starts counting down the time of their loving and harmonious life together. It is said that it can lead to quarrels and even divorce. It is said that giving a wall clock as a gift to a person who holds a position leads to a state where he does not stay at work for long.

Chinese porcelain dolls. When creating these, they look at the appearance and facial expressions of real people. Therefore, it is believed that it is unpleasant for the person because the energy of the person passes through it.

Blades and pointed objects. It is considered to bring negative energy to the house. It is considered that it only brings quarrels and suffering.
Bird souvenirs. Birds are considered to be "news of poverty" and are believed to bring suffering. It is also considered unpleasant if a bird suddenly flies into the house.

House slippers and gloves. Do not give as a gift, especially to the elderly. Gloves are also considered a known form of breaking up. Therefore, it is said that in the olden days, it was called to fight by throwing down the gloves. However, it is said that giving slippers as a gift will bring death.

Empty wallets, bags, backpacks. In the case of a gift, money must be paid. It protects the person from falling into poverty.

Animal. If you know that the person or animal wants to get it, you can give it as a gift. If not, you will have to take token money instead. The animal will run away or get sick.

Underwear, handkerchief, socks. Underwear and socks are not given as gifts, especially to husbands. It is said to lead to cheating and pushing the husband to a long distance. A handkerchief is said to call tears.

Pearl. Pearls are called tears from mermaids' tears. Black-red mixed flowers, even numbered flowers. It is very unpleasant.

Can gifts be given through?
It is said that it is bad to give a gift through a gift. It is believed that the energy will be transferred because it is given on purpose.