The story of a rich father who tried to make his son understand life, but he understood it himself
by Baigalmaa staff
The story of a rich father who tried to make his son understand life, but he understood it himself
Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash
The rich father took his son to the countryside with the purpose of introducing him to life, showing his son how poor people live, making him feel that his son lives in a luxurious environment by his own power, and by comparing it. They came to a farm in the middle of a large country and lived for four days in uncomfortable conditions.

On his return, the father asked his son with interest to hear his opinion of what he had seen, and to praise the conditions under which he was living. Then, the son said that the trip he had just gone was strange and beautiful, but his father was surprised, "Son, you have seen how hard the poor and penniless people live for a few days now, don't you understand?" The son said, "Yes, I understand." Those people had quite a few dogs, but we only have one dog. Here we swim in the pool, but those people swim in the flowing water of a great river with no beginning or end. There is plenty of lawn around our mansion, but there is a vast open field that ends at the horizon. We buy meat and milk to eat, but they prepare it with their own hands. We build our homes with high and thick walls, wary of outsiders and uninvited guests. But they have many friends and the door of their house is always open. His father, who was listening to this, was surprised. At this time, the son added, - I just went and saw what I saw, and realized how poor we live, father.
In general, people want something in life that they don't have, consider it happiness and stop appreciating what they have. Also, there are things that some people consider to be cheap and unnecessary, and for the other part, they consider their presence as happiness. But, this boy's words remind us that all the things that make us happy are around us.