Happiness and action
by Baigalmaa staff
Happiness and action
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
It is said that everyone is destined to be happy in this world. However, people who think and consider themselves as "I am happy" are a very small percentage of the population. From this, why can't everyone be happy? and what should be done to make everyone happy? questions will arise. Happiness includes three concepts: "want", "can", and "should" and depends on their relationship, fulfillment, and satisfaction, and their fulfillment is often not what people expect. Feelings of happiness disappear from not wanting to be fulfilled, from not achieving results when you can, or from not liking things that you should. In order not to fall into such a situation, people will have to choose what they want.

Future happiness is guaranteed if you separate your desires from your desires and only those that are aimed at personal growth and start taking action. Other desires, such as drinking, eating, and wearing, are only momentary pleasures. Even a tree strives to grow taller, and if it cannot grow, it branches in all directions, and as soon as the obstacle is removed, it grows upward and becomes many branches. In the same way, a person also lives in pursuit of happiness by making stops and growths in the course of his actions. In order to be happy, active activities are the most important. Seven mistakes are more profitable than success. Therefore, it is necessary to learn without hesitation and without fear of mistakes. In this case, all your actions and actions, even mistakes, will bring benefits. Happiness is not something to be sought after. You are created differently. The seeker of happiness is like a confused old man with his spectacles on his head. Man is the master of his own destiny, he can be his enemy or his friend. If you want to know your worst enemy, there is a proverb: look at yourself in the mirror. Only we can harm or improve ourselves. Finally, people who value what they have, are proactive, self-respecting, and self-developing live happily.