Do you like luck?
by Baigalmaa staff
Do you like luck?
Photo by Alois Komenda on Unsplash
There is no universal answer to this question, but ancient sages believed that there are locations and spaces that attract either good fortune or bad luck. The living environment and the ability to accept life affect it, and as long as the external environment is in harmony with the inner world of a person, luck always follows, and there is a whole branch of feng shui science dedicated to explaining and tracking this. Based on this, test yourself with the following test to find out if your luck is just around the corner.

Answer the questions calmly and seriously and read the corresponding explanation by summing up the answers.

There is only one empty chair at the corner of the table.
a/ Sits straight 0 points
b/ Standing without sitting 2 points

When saying goodbye to guests
a/ Saying goodbye without leaving the house or crossing the threshold 0 points
b/ Leaving the house and saying goodbye to guests 2 points

Which is more important in preparing good food?
a/ 0 points for preparing enthusiastically
b/ Good food tastes good even if it doesn't make you happy 2 points

Do you feel uncomfortable when someone is standing behind you?
a/ Yes 0 points
b/ No. 2 points

The concept of a corner of your home
a/ Work and rest corner 0 points
b/ Empty space 2 points

Your window during the day
a/ 0 points when there is a curtain subsidy
b/ 2 points that are always open to let in light

Your hand movements when interacting with people
a/ Self-taught 0 points
b/ 2 points that teach someone

You left your cell phone at home
a/ Return to hand 0 points
b/ Going without a mobile phone 2 points

The bed you sleep in
a/ There is a space between the bed and the floor 0 points
b/ 2 points not far from the floor

0-6 points. You don't practice feng shui. Luck rarely comes around. Although it may seem innocent, try to follow and implement some things. Fortune will turn to you without waiting long.

8-12 points. Congratulations and luck is on your side. Even in random situations, luck blesses you. But not always. Notice your home and surroundings. Place beautiful flowers on or near your desk. Pay attention to the repair and decoration of your home. You will soon notice how your life will change for the better.

14+ points. You are an enviably lucky person. Your intuition is incredibly developed. Luck is always on your side and accompanies all the events of your life. You are in perfect harmony with your surroundings and the universe. Even the walls of your home support you with positive energy. Everything is in your hands.