Ways to quickly remove alcohol from the blood
by Baigalmaa staff
Ways to quickly remove alcohol from the blood

We live in a time where celebrations and parties are no longer celebrated without alcohol. It's no secret that the day after the holiday, the body is weak, the ability to work decreases, and the problem is to remove alcohol from the body as quickly as possible. However, it is clear that alcohol cannot be completely removed from the blood. A medical examination will definitely reveal it. However, the following methods can be used to prevent alcohol ethanol from having a harmful effect on the body, in other words, to suppress alcohol intoxication. Alcohol poisoning depends on many factors, such as time of release, physical condition, health of the liver, bones, gender, etc. The rate of detoxification of alcohol from a man's body is 1/10 per mille, while that of women is 9/10 per mille. Alcohol evaporates from the human body through the skin and lungs, and is excreted through the kidneys. Ways to remove alcohol poisoning or dehydration at home: - highly sweetened tea and coffee remove toxins. People with heart problems should drink still mineral water, apple and orange juice
- When entering a sauna or steam room, it is released through the skin. Also, you will sweat when you walk or move in the fresh air.
-Alcohol takes a long time to enter the blood in the stomach, so drink a lot of water and vomit before it enters the blood.
- Intestinal drug "black coal", cleanses the intestines from alcohol
- During alcohol intoxication, a person is very low in potassium, so it is necessary to eat potassium-rich foods such as bananas, parsley, potatoes, and ketchup.
- Sour milk products are very helpful
- When you sleep, the poison is released
- Mint, five-leaf clover, dog's beak extract, and tea are good detoxifiers

But do not remove the yolk with alcohol. Deep poisoning and excessive lack of potassium and magnesium can affect health and lead to illness and sadness.