4 tips from Stephen Hawking to see life differently
by Baigalmaa staff
4 tips from Stephen Hawking to see life differently
Stephen Hawking was only a few years old at the time of his illness, but he lived a long time and spent that time discovering and discovering the meaning of the Universe. For many, he has been immortalized as a role model that shows that you can achieve what you want against all odds. He was a man who loved and respected life, but had a limited attitude towards things that concerned the order of the world and the possibility of change. Even though he was crippled by a serious illness, he never stopped his research, which he described as - "The mind, a wonderful thing that can adapt to any changes." He was a talented, indefatigable person who loved life, was honest, creative, admired all things and phenomena, and sought to understand their meaning and secrets. He left us the following 3 tips.

First: Don't forget to look at the starry sky, not below your feet
Second: Never give up. Work is what makes life meaningful. Life is empty without him.
Third: If you are lucky enough to experience and find love, always remember that it exists. Don't splash it. Broadcasting and distribution, a two-year concept.
Fourth: Give thanks to everyone and everything.
Hawking's advice reminds us not to settle for the bottom, to think big, to use the resources that are likely to be wasted to move forward, not to be discouraged, and to live full of love and its eternal companion, gratitude. He said, "My expectations from life fell to zero at the age of 21. But everything after that is a 'bonus' given to me by life for my hard work'', which shows that he lives full of gratitude for these rewards, and he talks about his years after the diagnosis of an incurable disease, how his life turned upside down and became a 'bonus'. and transformed /he used to accept the results of what he did and everything he did as a reward/, it is written that he is always and infinitely grateful for this.
We understand gratitude and appreciation as a response to good fortune and good fortune. However, the life of this strange person clearly shows that being grateful for your existence, life, and being alive is a condition for creating happiness in life and leading to success. Therefore, it is good to live with the awareness that you are a lucky person with a sense of gratitude and the ability to be grateful.