"Alcohol" horoscope
by Baigalmaa staff
"Alcohol" horoscope
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Capricorns, when they drink, they drink on the sly. In general, there is no way to lose weight when people are watching. And I will spend a lot of effort to look healthy while drinking, sitting in a corner of the table, out of sight, not alone. Therefore, other people make an effort to notice and entertain him.
Aquarius rarely get drunk. They simply change this drink. Because a drunken aquarius is indistinguishable from a healthy one. But if he is sorry for the interruption, he collects his things and goes home to lie down on his "beloved cat's" bed. "People's minds" have tried and tried to find out why Aquarius drink alcohol, but they still haven't found the reason.
If you are drinking with pisces, you should prepare for the following dramatic performance: "cry, laugh", "cry, cry", "cry, everyone wants to cry". Pisces and drink for pleasure. Then, if no one pays attention, what is the pleasure? Therefore, the drunken pisces, the protagonists of the real table, enough to swallow others, in a dark corner, with bitter tears of jealousy.
Aries get drunk easily. As long as I have it, I drink it. It is not clear why they want to do that. After one glass, he was already drunk. If he likes someone, but his courage is immeasurable and artful. But, I will regret it the next day, there is no such thing, because I don't remember at all, luckily...
Be careful when drinking. I always think that one glass is enough. But you don't know it until you see the broken glass. Then long and lyrical thoughts float up, and he writes a "post" in his mind about how no one in the world understands him. Will not disclose. The next day, for them, "the world is ugly"
As you drink. You can go to several places. A true fanatic, without going himself, can cajole his tablemates into a walking tour of historical monuments, until he goes right away. Movement and jumping are his.
There are two types of cancers. The first is drunk, open to the world. But the second kind of frogs did exactly that before. Don't drink now, never, anywhere...
Leos, drink very seriously. But as soon as it heats up, it becomes like a wild cat. What if the success of the past years will be destroyed by saying one word and becoming a cowardly cat. At this time, it should not be mentioned. Then, show off your intelligence.
Virgos, like you do other things well, drink well. It is like saying "this is how things are done". However, in the case of overdoing it, there is a side that becomes like the "Great Judge".
Libra will drink with gusto. No reason needed. There is an environment that combines all the beauty, beautiful june, burning candles, lyrical, soulful music and "nastre". A country that truly knows joy. But the next day, the "ugly snake" blames the wine. You are not guilty...
Scorpios, though not always, will declare their "love" for this solution when they are narcissistic. Because with its help, you can serve those around you, so why not use it. They rarely get drunk. Anyone who has quarreled with a Scorpio is left with a dream of meeting again and "sitting".
Sagittarius will not refuse to fight if the situation arises. Grandma, without a doubt, will get it. It is cultivated to have fun. Sagittarians and other zodiac signs can't get it together, until they get excited, they show off their behavior. The next day, you won't remember anything.