Albert Einstein's Secret Letters About God
by Baigalmaa staff
Albert Einstein's Secret Letters About God

My daughter!

You will have to keep the things written in this letter for decades, until the social mind is sufficiently developed and able to accept them.

When I first discovered Relativity, few people understood me. Now, this thing that I am going to lay before you and pass on to humanity is something that will cause misunderstanding, criticism, doubt and unbelief. This is the concept of a great Force, which science has not yet found an official explanation for. This Power, the wonderful thing that governs all phenomena in the Universe, is Universal Power-Love. It is unfortunate that scientists, in their search for a unified theory of the universe, miss this invisible and most powerful Force. LOVE, who can give it and take it, is the light that illuminates it. LOVE is an attraction because it attracts people. LOVE is a force, it enhances the virtues that we have and protects humanity from slow and blind selfishness. People live and die for LOVE. LOVE is God and God is Love. This Force explains many things and gives meaning to life, and is a transformative force that we have long denied and that we fear. To understand LOVE, I tried substituting it into the most obvious equation. If E = mc2, then we get the energy to complete the universe, the speed of light multiplied by the square of Love, and we come to the conclusion that Love is the Great Power, the infinite power. Only through LOVE can we find meaning in life, maintain harmony, preserve anything intellectual or sentient, and save civilization from extinction. Also, we may not yet be ready to make a powerful tool called the "LOVE bomb" that has the power to completely destroy the things that empty our world: greed, selfishness, hatred, and jealousy. However, people do not know that each individual carries within themselves a small but powerful generator of LOVE, waiting to be released. When we learn to give and receive this individual energy, my dear Lieserl, we can prove that Love conquers all and overcomes all, because Love is the quintessence of life.

I regret not being able to express that thing that beats in my heart silently for you all my life. Perhaps my apology is too late, but time is relative. I, I must say that I love you, I have found the truest, final and definitive answer to the concept of Love, by your power and by you coming to me!

Your father is Albert Einstein