Winner of the Battle of the Instincts, Victoria Raydos: How to Protect Your Ancestral Energy
by Baigalmaa staff
Winner of the Battle of the Instincts, Victoria Raydos: How to Protect Your Ancestral Energy
There is never and nowhere a person who does not make mistakes. However, these mistakes can affect life through generations without anyone noticing. This kind of unpleasant situation that is repeated in life, passed from generation to generation, is noticed in some families and people, and it is also called "generational curse".

Victoria Raidos, who has the ability to communicate with the dead, has great respect for ancestors and genealogy, has helped many people throughout her life in this matter, she emphasizes the peaceful and happy life of the living and the death of the deceased, she values forgiveness and follows the right way of life. It is believed that this problem can be put to an end by doing so. Victoria gave the following advice on how this generation can correct the mistakes made by someone in the lineage, especially if the bad luck following the mistakes of previous generations is repeated in the family, the first thing to do is to be alive or in this world. He said that it is necessary to understand that absent parents and ancestors are inseparable and influential, to forgive them and ask for their forgiveness. In particular, it has a lot to do with parents, their parents, and people's childhood. Without rejecting the past, it is necessary to forgive the mistakes and misfortunes that happened in their lives. Past mistakes and misfortunes sit in the human brain, and when similar, accidental mistakes and misfortunes occur, people think about them and bring harm to their lives. leads to understanding. In addition, it is said that a person's wrong bearing in front of his/her parents also has the ability to gradually affect his/her life. All this leads to the weakening and breaking of the genetic energy that supports and sustains a person. Therefore, he warned that it is necessary to forgive or seek forgiveness in time. He considers honoring his parents, ancestors, and lineage as the most important thing in life, and he restores his lineage energy by forgiving his parents, whoever they were, for bringing you into this world. Also, it is believed that if husbands and wives do not respect each other, the family bond will perish along with the energy of the lineage. She said, “If my husband didn't agree, I wouldn't have participated in the psychic battle. If the husband and wife do not agree, this relationship will be destroyed," he said, and warned that parental consent is important when getting married. He believes that this has a significant impact on future life. Having a good knowledge of your lineage, not paying too much attention to the unpleasant things, remembering the unpleasant things of the past life can cloud your thoughts, but instead, live rightly, honor the memory of your ancestors, forgive all, remember well, and love with respect as if you were next to them, and you will receive the support of the lineage. advised.