Explanation of hereditary powers
by Baigalmaa staff
Explanation of hereditary powers
There are 3 types of hereditary power: the power of blood, the power of person-to-person transmission, and the power of traditional upbringing.

• Inheritance can be thought of as a genetic concept, which includes our talents, tendencies, and inner disposition. This power affects people's standard of living and status. Less than a hundred years ago, and long ago, children lived as if they were repeating the fate of their fathers, i.e., the children of blacksmiths continued to do the work of their fathers, and lived almost the same fate. Through this power of blood, destiny, work and position were passed, on the one hand, it included the advantages of "work and life with quality knowledge based on the practices inherited from ancestors" and guaranteed "income". But in modern times, it is possible to change one's destiny by choosing any profession, on the one hand, it is good, but on the other hand, it can be considered that it leads to difficulties and problems leading to the situation where one is separated from the support of the blood of his parents and lives only on his own strength.

• Human-to-human transmission is a combination of genetic experience and spiritual intelligence. It is usually transmitted personally, and for example, if the grandmother was a skilled seamstress, it refers to that talent that comes out without teaching her granddaughter and inherits a wonderful "how much". This power is said to reflect the nature of the lineage, which seeks to help and communicate from generation to generation. There is no one who has not heard such conversations as "Sometimes, I feel like something is helping me", "I must see my doctor, she helped me when I was in trouble", "My father's soul saved me when I had an accident". We do not always know that behind these words that express what we feel, there is an inseparable bond of descent. It is said that if you treat your ancestors with love, respect, and forgiveness, your intuition will become sharper, your talents will be revealed, and your influence on the environment will increase. To be the opposite brings bad things.

• Traditional upbringing is the force inherited from parents and grandparents. People become strong when they respect and follow their traditions and become weak when they live with the flow in daily life. Don't forget that your ancestors always appreciate your efforts.

If you want to know which powers of your lineage you possess, it is enough to answer the following questions.
- What traits do you think you inherited from your parents/grandparents?
-Do you know the occupations and occupations of your parents, grandparents, and parents? Has anyone been famous for something? What exactly?
- What characteristics of your grandparents, mother, father, and great-grandparents attract your love and respect the most?
- Can you say to yourself, "I have achieved the same things as......./grandfather, grandmother, mother, father/"?
-Do you feel that you are an integral part of your family? Why?
- What character do you think you will pass on to your descendants?
After answering these questions, you will have a great desire to know, recognize and experience your ancestors. Always feel that you are a proud member of your family and pray for your ancestors.