How to press the "delete" button of the brain?
by Baigalmaa staff
How to press the "delete" button of the brain?
Photo by Sam Pak on Unsplash
Repetitive memorization is considered the basis of learning, and this is fully manifested in learning a foreign language, learning to play the piano, and practicing juggling. Scientists have confirmed that the more you repeat something, the more it gets stuck in your brain, and recently, it has been suggested that in order to learn, you need to forget some things. It is believed that the process of forgetting, or the removal of links to old neurons, increases the chance of learning new ones.

If we think of the human brain as a wooden garden, instead of trees and bushes, the synaptic connections of our neurons grow, and the brain's glial tissue acts as a "gardener" to water it. In addition to maintenance, they also perform the task of cleaning and sweeping fallen leaves and weeds. This cleaning process or "delete" button takes place when a person sleeps, and during sleep, the brain shrinks to 60% of its daytime size, allowing the glial tissue to clean. After a good night's sleep, the head is light and alert, which is a sign that the brain has been cleaned well. At this time, what should be done to leave the useful things that need watering and maintenance? If you don't pay attention to the planned work and are interested in other games or completely different things, of course you will get distracted. After arguing with someone during the day, if you think about it, your brain will be full of thoughts and revenge.

Our brain does not distinguish between good and bad, it only stores what we think about. It is up to us to decide what we should pay more attention to and focus on. Therefore, it is necessary to free your mind and relax by learning to focus only on thoughts that are useful for self-development and solving the problems you are facing, and learn to meditate instead of thinking about your impossible dreams. In any case, learning to stop thinking about useless, unproductive, and negative things will give you a rest, refresh your memory, and make good decisions about things that will benefit your brain and life.