A mantra full of understanding
by Baigalmaa staff
A mantra full of understanding
Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash
People have been reading this mantra every day since hundreds of years, believing that when we recite our mantra, our wishes are sent to God, and our wishes come true in return. This practice is interpreted in modern times as a kind of psychotherapy and a method of instilling positive habits in the inner consciousness, but esoterically, it is a message with wonderful consequences sent by a person to the higher and hidden mysterious forces of the Universe. There is no one who does not want to plant positive thoughts in his mind, express his wishes with his understanding, and send them to the mind, mind, subconscious, inexplicable mysterious Universe and God. The following can be called "own" mantras that can be recited in the morning and in the evening by oneself and according to one's own will. How to accept it is up to you, your wise mind, and it is worth reminding that there is a law of the world: "Like attracts like".

Every morning:
- Everything about me is good, even really good. I am satisfied with everything I do, and everything that happens around me, every event that takes place brings me profit, income and satisfaction. My life is being sustained by the energy and vitality of the universe, and my life is improving as I expected. I am fully open to receiving the energy of money and wealth, and I see all the opportunities I have to bring abundance into my life. I am bright and full of energy. The joy of life is my inseparable quality. I am happy.
After saying this, if possible, do a few stretches or tense your body, and at this point, match each time you relax with a slow exhalation. Thus, when exhaling, your body is freed from tension, relaxation and fatigue. Do you feel it? Well done! Great! Now, as you go about your normal activities, your mind is charged with positivity and your inner consciousness prepares to give you joy in your life in return.

Every night:
It is believed that before going to sleep, many thoughts turn in the head, sleep is interrupted, and these thoughts turn into ideas to create the next day. So, an easy way to get out of this situation is to start by making the following a habit in your mind.
- I thank you for today's day, one of the best days in the world. This day was a happy, incomparably important and very beautiful day. Countless good days are ahead of me. I can still taste the joy and happiness of those days. May the coming days be full of joy. Yes! My days will bring new happiness in the upcoming holiday...
Think it over and over again. It's a form of meditation, an incredibly powerful psychotherapy, and a powerful life-changing exercise.