Great words of wisdom to help you get to know yourself
by Baigalmaa staff
Great words of wisdom to help you get to know yourself
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash
India is a country with centuries of rich history and culture, and has given birth to the largest number of sages, philosophers and enlightened people. Unlike many developed countries that pursue external and visible development, the people of India are a nation that focuses all its heart and energy on self-realization. In addition, this country is considered to be a true laboratory of thought and thought, which has been studying the subtle level of the human soul and the inner world for centuries. So, let's introduce the wise words of the people of India that are helpful for thought-provoking, thought-provoking, self-awareness and life-awareness.

- If someone betrays you once, that betrayal is his fault, but if he betrays you twice, that betrayal is your own fault.
- Learn from other people's mistakes. Consider using the time you're wasting away on something else
- Smart people discuss ideas, moderates discuss events, but less smart people discuss things critically.
- Even if you are an enemy, treat your guest with care, a woodcutter with an ax does not spare a tree or his own shadow.
- There has never been and never will be someone who deserves only praise or only vilification
- The world is a great library because knowledge is in everything
-Giving advice to a fool is nothing more than making him angry
- A person who lives for others, even if his life is short, his life is full of happiness
- An inconsolable sad person takes comfort from the past, a weak person takes comfort from the future, but a wise person takes everything from the present
- Happiness comes to a strong person with strong spirit
- A child is a guest in your house. feed and drink, educate and release
- If a woman is bright, her home is also bright, but if she is dark, her home is dark.
- Don't brag before you go, but you can brag when you come back
- Women are scientists of the natural world, but men are scientists who develop through books
- Defeating yourself is the only way to escape from defeat
- There is joy in the whole world for those who are not hostile to anything and do not see anything as harmful
- When you can't escape from the danger, what's the point of cowardice?
- Truth is what people themselves believe
- A wise man does not compete with anyone
- Use your head to manage yourself and your heart to interact with others
"You can catch a tiger from the jungle, a bird from the sky, a fish from the water, but you can't catch a woman's fickle heart."
- When giving advice to others, everything is wise from the wise, and when you follow it yourself, the wisest person seems more foolish than the common fool.
-Birds do not leave footprints in the air, fish do not leave footprints in the water, so do good deeds
- The retro mind of a person, the retro calm of the mind, the retro bravery of the calm, the retro courage of the courage is in the flexibility
- A wise person judges things by his own opinion, a fool judges by the words of others
-Write grievances on sand and carve graces on marble
- We cannot change the length and the shortness of life, but we can influence the breadth and depth of meaning