The "9 stars" method of self-identification
by Baigalmaa staff
The "9 stars" method of self-identification
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash
The method of "9 stars" originates from ancient China and combines astrology and numerology. This horoscope not only determines a person's strengths and weaknesses, health, but also gives an opportunity to make judgments about the current situation.

Find the birth score in the following table and read the interpretation of the numbers.


1. People ruled by this star are friendly and emotional. Sensitive and sensitive, from time to time he becomes quiet and inactive. If these people do not deal with their doubts and anxieties, they may become the cause of their own illness. Beware of bad habits and addictions.
2. People of this star are very caring people. The family puts their hearth first, is very realistic, patient, and ready to sacrifice anything for others. These people need to pay more attention to controlling their food cravings. Tends to gain weight very easily.
3. These people, who are very active and diligent, can never sit back and wait for something to happen. He can find a way out of any situation without waiting for someone's help. Stands out from others with its optimistic and fun behavior. Tends to anger and intemperance. After that, he blames himself and regrets a lot.
4. These stars are intellectual and creative people. They are very similar to "3 stars". They are used to being able to achieve everything by their own power. They love to travel and are active. Be careful not to take too much responsibility. Think carefully before taking on multiple tasks at once.
5. Strong people with great goals. A true organizer and leader. In the future, because of taking on too much responsibility, the personality may become closed, moody, and become a passive observer of events.
6. Men are tough, honest, hardworking, responsible, and usually leaders. There's a side to being aggressive and overconfident in the process. He causes trouble very easily and then regrets what he said.
7. Very romantic and easy-going people, I would like to think that these people are not prepared for the harsh conditions of life. But they are not. They are very hardworking and incredibly responsible people who put money and wealth almost first. These people should remember that how much they give, how much they get.
8. These people look like silent and cold people, but in fact they are very kind and need to be helped to discover their good qualities. Usually, these stars work very hard, forgetting about other things in life. Don't forget about them taking breaks from work.
9. Active and strong people. Finds a human way. Very sharp mind, quick to understand and react like lightning. Being overly active can cause serious frustration. He tends to be tough on his loved ones.