How does money come into our lives?
by Baigalmaa staff
How does money come into our lives?
Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash
Let me reveal a secret about money. Money is an energy that comes with us at birth. In other words, our fortunes are born equally. When we are born into the world, we are endowed with many divine qualities for appearance, family, health, relationships, beliefs and activities.

Our means of life, money, is given to us like our breath, and in order to use this opportunity, we must learn to keep our thoughts about money clean and not block its flow with our thoughts. Money is not for living, but for happiness and joy, so people should pamper themselves. A person who loves himself can love others and money. But money itself likes freedom or movement. Focusing too much on money stifles money energy, and by accepting money as its own integral energy and controlling your thoughts, you open your money channel, which is one of the gifts you are given. For this, it is necessary to learn to be satisfied and full of heart whenever and wherever. Money does not tolerate the fear of running out or limiting its use. Even if your wallet is empty, you still have the right to walk into a jewelry store, try on something you like, and walk out. In the same way, you have the right to live without worry among the values of the world, with confidence in what you have been given. You should notice the thoughts and actions of people who have luxury consumption, are self-sufficient, and behave according to their own will, and if you adopt that mindset, you will be given money, and you should understand that you will get your fill of the unlimited wealth of the world by living with the right thoughts and self-sufficiency. It is very important to have the mindset of using what you like and not what you come across. With this, life changes, and the most important thing is to control the thoughts and actions that prevent us from receiving what the world gives us, and to change our thinking.