Loving childhood, golden advice
by Baigalmaa staff
Loving childhood, golden advice
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Mikhail Labkovsky. Psychologist, radio presenter. Worked as a psychologist in well-known schools, as a broadcaster of "Echo Moskvy" radio, in Jerusalem, as a psychological counselor during divorce, and as a full-time psychologist in charge of children with educational disabilities in the City Hall. Now, family and community counseling is also successfully conducted at individual and psychological therapy levels. He, man's life should be pleasing to him. He believes that in order to be happy, he should only do what he likes and likes, and he says that he follows this, and he is an intellectual who dedicates his life to spreading this view and making people's lives more pleasant.

Children should not be subjected to general sectioning before entering school. The brain of a 6-7-year-old child is not yet capable of receiving a lot of information. You are wasting your money and stealing your child's childhood.

When sending children to school, choose a school that is close to your home, not a good school. For children, having friends who live close by and the psychological comfort that influences self-reliance is more important
The first teacher should be someone who loves children, not because his teaching method is better than others. From this, the child's desire to learn and study depends.

Controlling the child whether he has done the lesson or how he has prepared the textbook can have a negative impact on the child's self-reliance, which is the most important thing a child should learn.

Instead of paying too much attention to the child's academic results and asking questions at school with interest, help the child to talk about himself and share his feelings.
As much as possible, if the child himself wants help, try to help at that time.
Make it clear that learning is for the child's benefit, not your responsibility.

During the transitional age, try to understand, try to be patient and calm.

If your child has a problem with the teacher, you need to solve the problem without delay. The child is suffering at this time, so it is very important to love his mind.
If the school offers to work with your child in some difficult and difficult program, do not refuse and work with your child in your own way.

Try to develop the child's talents only if you want, are interested, and like them. Do not forget that talent should bring joy to children.

Learn to accept and love your child as he is. It is recommended to avoid comparing your child with other children or making them what you want them to be.