An oncologist has published what he would do if he got sick
by Baigalmaa staff
An oncologist has published what he would do if he got sick
Photo by Talha Hassan on Unsplash
Famous American oncologist and scientist Mark Hyman, a friend accidentally asked him - "If you were diagnosed with cancer, what would you do?" What is the answer to the question?

He said that the treatment of tumors or cancer is limited to excision, burning, chemical poisoning, and radiation, and these cannot destroy the tumor from the root. He said he would get it.


1. Immediately stop using sugar and products containing sugar. Sugar is the main supporter of cancer cells. Also, use foods that keep insulin in the blood at the right level: choose fresh, fiber-rich, fibrous natural foods.
2. Eliminate foods that are not suitable for you. It's different for everyone. Products containing gluten are also excluded. Try to avoid milk, which is likely to cause inflammation in the small intestine. If you notice any changes in the stomach due to milk, you should stop immediately. If you feel uncomfortable after eating something, stop eating it. Listen to yourself or pay close attention to your body.
3. Be careful not to cause inflammation in your body. Use more red fish and flaxseeds, which are rich in Omega-3, which suppresses inflammation.
4. Tumors of any organ are believed to be caused by bacteria called the microbiome in the large intestine, so in order to maintain intestinal health, use yogurt, yogurt, phytonutrients (forest fruits), curcumin (turmeric), resveratrol (grapes, wine) with probiotic and prebiotic ingredients. They have a good effect on the intestinal microenvironment.
5. Refuse any items that may contain poison. In this way, although it is impossible to completely remove the poison from the body, it can be reduced. First of all, things that contain pesticides, phthalates, bisphenol A, flame retardants, heavy metals /mercury, lead, should be completely removed from use. These are contained in the following items: drinks in plastic bottles, semi-processed products with many items, and lead contained in the air of areas with heavy traffic in large cities.
Also, cancer is not a death sentence, so if you work hard, you can beat this disease, and advised to work for yourself and believe in yourself instead of relying only on doctors.