A harsh but true message
by Baigalmaa staff
A harsh but true message
Photo by Nils Stahl on Unsplash
This message has created a buzz in the social world, and it has been evaluated by the public as a message of love and wisdom, which will bring the relationship between mother and daughter to another level, allow them to understand each other and see each other differently. .

My dear daughter, after a while I will have the right to chase you. Because when you turn 18, you have the right to create your own life. But you have two options. 1/ If you want to go to university, I will support you until you graduate. If you decide to work without studying, you have to live on your own. I don't think I should support an 18-year-old girl who doesn't study. 2/ You are beautiful, beautiful, intelligent, much better than me. Because I am the only person who has known you since you were born. 3/ I am not your example. You are a completely different individual. You can't fall in love with what I like, you can't accept my opinion. You are a separate person. But you are responsible for your own choices. 4/ You are free. I don't expect anything from you. I will not be involved in the choices you make or your personal life. But please read the 1st point again. 5/ You don't owe me anything. I didn't raise you on credit. I don't expect you to give me a glass of water or a happy old age, you have the right to choose a life you like and value, or even go with the flow. This is your life, your choice 6/ You have your birth home, they will help you if you want, but they will not participate in your life. 7/ I have my own life, and I can't leave everything when you want. I can, but I don't have to. 8/ Just live on your debt, don't think that I won't like it. When are you my daughter? 9/ Don't attack other people's lives and opinions. 10/ There will be many times when the world seems unfair. You can't control the world, just be honest. Learn to understand yourself, never lie to yourself. Realize your value. 11/ What is good for you may be bad for others and vice versa. Be yourself. 12/ You can only trust yourself 100%. don't trust me either. We hide something from each other. I was the same with my mother. Because you know yourself completely, only you know what you like and what you are capable of. 13/ Do not run away from responsibility. When doing something, carefully consider whether you can decide and continue on your own. If you give birth to a child, can you raise it alone, if you start a project, can you finish it alone, if you emigrate abroad, can you live alone in a foreign country, after asking these questions to yourself, come to any decision. If you think your loved ones will help, that's great, but they don't have to help you. Do not depend on anyone. 14/ When doing something, think of many options. One of the many options is correct. 15/ I have written 14 messages for you, in my opinion, to live longer than I do. But don't listen to me. You are not me. Don't compare, don't compare. Life. I didn't just give birth to you, I gave birth to the world, a person who should live life to the fullest. 15/a Then don't be sad. 15/b Do not disconnect the phone. It is painful.


I'm sure you and your daughter have read this. I hope that this message will help us to better understand each other and plan our future together by discussing and consulting on the many things that we cannot say, on each of the provisions of this message.