Benefits of caressing
by Baigalmaa staff
Benefits of caressing
It is considered that the human hand does everything and is the organ of the soul. Ancient doctors and shamans, as well as modern chiropractors, have been using their hands to treat ailments. There is no one who hasn't seen a person trip and fall, and the first thing they do is grab the painful area with their hands, and at this point, the pain seems to go away.

It is said that emotional power and warmth are released from hands. How pleasant is the embrace of a loving and good person. Loving couples will also hold hands and make love. The heat of the mother's hand gives the child the warmth of her soul, and the child feels it through the hand. It is said that because children are not pampered enough when they are young, they become hard and cruel when they grow up, and they do not feel that the mother earth has accepted them. It is said that caressing a child makes him able to transfer the warmth he received from the caress and give it to others. Paying more attention to your life and work, giving less time to your children, replacing your love and affection with tons of toys, babysitters, and good kindergartens, accepting the time when you will raise your children prematurely with the irreplaceable love of parents. , is it not our fault that we are calling in the cold valley? Children of parents who do not have enough time to caress and caress when they are babies, who need caress the most, when they grow up, they get into trouble by looking for the caress they did not receive from casual sex and friends, and are afraid of starting a family and having children. become people who are weak and unable to share their warmth with others. Therefore, take the initiative without delay, start living with your heart, give the warmth of your heart hidden in your hands to your children and loved ones, sit down next to you and caress with your warm hands, and take advantage of the opportunity to create meaning in your magical hands. Start by stroking your mother nature, plants and animals with your hands. All living things love to be manipulated by human hands, and there is nothing higher than the world and love. That's how we become real people...