Concept of beauty and character
by Baigalmaa staff
Concept of beauty and character
Every woman has a natural desire to be beautiful. Recently, the DOVE company conducted a survey among women from almost all countries of the world to find out what beauty is and how they see themselves in terms of this concept. However, only 2% of women consider themselves to be beautiful, 40% cannot say that they are beautiful, and the rest answered that they are not beautiful, but they are attractive, attractive, pleasant, etc. In addition, more than half of the respondents stated that they do not believe that the beauty standards broadcast by mass media are realistic. 2/3 of the participants said that the concept of beauty must be reflected in a broader concept of inner beauty that is not defined only by physical beauty. According to the research, the basis of true beauty is based on happiness and love, any woman whose eyes shine with happiness is beautiful, therefore, beauty is a concept of character rather than a physical body. This has been confirmed by the study of Dutch scientists, and it has been seen that despite the attractive appearance of men, they choose women who are wise in life. Also, it was concluded that there was never, will not be, a unified standard of beauty, and it is not allowed by the natural world, because it does not want women to have the same shape and lose their inherent quality. Let me present a teaching related to this topic.

Soon, two sailors set out on a long journey to find their destiny. After traveling through many countries, he came to a small island, where he met a small tribe living on the island. The leader of the tribe had two daughters, one was very beautiful and the other was an ordinary girl. After some time passed, one sailor said to the other - "I have found my happiness here. "I decided to stay here and marry one of the daughters of the tribal chief." His friend said, "Yes, the older daughter is really beautiful, I wish you happiness." He said, "No, I will marry the younger daughter." His surprised friend said, "No, isn't she beautiful?" , -"I've decided, I'll do it" ended the conversation between the two friends, and the friend went on to continue his quest for destiny. When the young man and the girl went to ask their father, they brought 10 cows, according to the tribal custom of giving cows as a dowry. There, 10 cows were given as a dowry for the best bride. His father saw 10 cows and said, "You made the right choice. My eldest daughter is beautiful and intelligent, she won't reach the dowry of 10 cows." The young man said, "No, I'm asking for your younger daughter." The father said, "No, it won't reach 10 cows, I'm honest. Give me 3 cows and take them." He said, "No, I will give only 10 cows." They got married. Some time passed, and when his friend passed by the island, he decided to attack and landed on it. On his way from the coast to visit his friend, he met a divinely beautiful woman. When entering a friend's house, it is obvious that the children are running around and living happily. But when a beautiful woman came across the road and started preparing tea, she asked her surprised young friend, "Are you going to change your wife?" asked. His friend said, "No, it's my wife." He said, "How did she become so beautiful?" He said, "Ask her herself." When he approached the young woman, apologized and asked how he became so beautiful, the woman replied, "I just realized that I am worth 10 cows."

A person's faith, respect, and support are immeasurably powerful, and it is believed that changing one's spiritual consciousness brings with it the full potential for such transformation.