30-day beauty course
by Baigalmaa staff
30-day beauty course
Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

1. In the morning, on an empty stomach, chew 1 tablespoon of flax seeds thoroughly and eat with a glass of water. Eating something 30 minutes after eating. Using it cleans the body very well and makes the skin, hair and nails very beautiful. with healthy weight loss.

2. Consume boiled beetroot salad every day. It cleans the blood very well and has a good effect on the skin and internal organs.

3. 1 hour before going to bed, apply a mixture of glycerin and vitamin E and massage lightly on your face. Mix 30 ml of glycerin with 10 capsules of vitamin E and store in the refrigerator. Skin color improves and wrinkles disappear.

4. Eat 50 grams of nuts per day. Any nut will do. Your hair and nails will feel great after two weeks.

5. Once in three days, knead dry mustard with vegetable oil and massage it into wet hair. After a month, your hair will be amazing.

6. Put more butter with peppermint essential oil on your legs and wear cotton socks to sleep. Your legs become enviably beautiful.

7. An empty mascara wand will come in handy. Wash this stick thoroughly with a brush, put wheat oil in it and apply it to the top of your eyelashes. Eyelashes thicken and grow.

8. Mix one glass of sea salt or regular salt with one glass of cream and massage it on your body after bathing. Removes dead skin and leaves the body with a wonderfully silky skin.

9. Amaranth oil is very rich in squalene. Daily application on the skin of the face and body has a wonderful effect on the removal of wrinkles, scars, burns and erosion of the skin. It is believed that there is nothing else that can compete with it. The price is high.

10. Put 5 drops of menthol oil in one liter of water and rinse your hair with it. You can feel the results after the first wash. Balances hair oiliness.