Features of Finnish education, surprising...
by Baigalmaa staff
Features of Finnish education, surprising...
This country is viewed and considered from the point of view that imparting education and knowledge to children will provide the country itself with educated and viable citizens.

In Finland, there are no ordinary or elite schools. All schools receive the same funding and use the same teaching materials and equipment. Almost all schools are public. It can be said that elementary school students are given no homework, no tests, and almost no grades. A lot of writing methods are used in teaching, and these written essays and essays are aimed at teaching students to express their own opinions, to answer each question in pure literary terms, and to master the mother tongue in a natural way. In-depth study of a subject is not always encouraged. Finns put math above art. In addition to prohibiting comparisons between students, children are not discriminated against as successful or backward. There is no special school for children with disabilities, they study together with normal children in regular schools. Finns say: "Between preparing for life and preparing for exams, we choose the first." Therefore, in Finnish schools, there are no exams other than the one given at the age of 16. It is believed that the most important thing that children should be taught is to be self-reliant, and schools should teach children to think and acquire knowledge independently, and to use manuals, the Internet, and calculators rather than memorizing terms. Teachers are required to spend only 4 hours in the classroom and devote the rest of the time to developing their professional practice. The teaching profession is considered the most prestigious and competitive exams for teaching profession in universities have the most competitors. Schools are free of charge, including lunches, excursions, school transport or taxis, textbooks, school supplies, calculators and even laptops. It is prohibited by law to charge any fees from parents.

Take advantage of the features of this course. How many pleasant childhood will give? We want to abolish our education, which can be said to destroy the individuality of children...