Father's teachings
by Baigalmaa staff
Father's teachings
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
Over the centuries, since ancient times, father's messages, teachings, and testaments have been passed down from generation to generation, and have been preserved in the hearts of their children. These wise messages and teachings are based on the painful experience of a father's life, and contain a sincere desire to protect his children from hardships and warn them of danger. The father's message is still being handed down and preserved, and it is a true and eternal teaching that will be passed down from generation to generation. There is no one who does not know that it is the sacred duty of children to follow and implement this teaching and message. The teachings of all fathers in this world are equally for their children, and the teachings of our fathers are kept sacred in our hearts. But the ancient king used to write down the teachings of fathers and their children. Let us present the wise teachings of Sultan Suleiman, the emperor of the Ottoman Empire, who loved his son when he went on a campaign.

- My son, it's time for you and me to separate, and for you to do great things on your own. Before you go, let me give you some advice. Keep this in mind. My son, listen! The greatest immeasurable wealth is intelligence. Realize that ignorance is worse than poverty. The most dangerous of all sins is self-aggrandizement. Your kindness and humanity are the greatest gift you can pass on to your descendants. My son, do not be friends with immoral people, they do nothing but harm. Be careful not to associate with greedy people, they are not in a hurry when you need help. Don't get close to a jealous person, they tend to sell you for a small price and throw you away. Don't let liars and illusionists get close to you. He said that when they are near you, they make everything in front of you go away, as if they bring the distance closer and the distance away. - My father, I am going to establish your power and justice in the distant lands. Your valuable advice will always be with me. This advice, father, will light my path and darkness like a resonant torch, replied the son.