Choose from these tree images and discover your career skills and strengths
by Baigalmaa staff
Choose from these tree images and discover your career skills and strengths
Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash
Magic Circle Corporation, a group of 5 leading legal companies in England, commissioned famous psychologists to develop a test to determine the abilities and strengths of each employee, and created this interesting express test to determine people's professional abilities. Using this, the distribution of employees and duties was successful, and 94% of the results were true. This test is easy, just look at the following pictures of trees and read the explanation for each picture.

Tree No. 1
You want to lead in everything. He does not hesitate to give anything to get what he wants. In general, most of the time, they work for their ideals, not for money or profit. He likes to make demands on himself and others, he doesn't think about himself, and he shares his knowledge and experience with others.
Tree No. 2
First of all, we put finances and profits. You will leave your favorite job with favorable conditions for a higher salary. Your colleagues perceive you as a strict and honest person. People working under your leadership like you, because you define your goals very well, and at the same time, you defend your employees without offending anyone.
Tree No. 3
Your sociability is an irreplaceable quality. Communicates wonderfully with colleagues, contacts, and everyone. He likes to work in a big place and can become the "heart" of his colleagues.
Tree No. 4
You are a very creative person. You are a true initiator, and your colleagues appreciate that. He mobilizes himself in every way and uses the experience of others to achieve "Perfection".
Tree No. 5
Your character, which can be like a "rock" even in the most difficult times, is a real "achievement". There is almost nothing that can shake your stability. Even if there is a problem, danger or risk at your work, you can solve the problem with the power of this character, calm and alert mind. It can be said that there is no force in this world that can pull you back from your goals and path.
Tree No. 6
First of all, it is important to let your colleagues know that you are a responsible person. It is pleasant to work with your co-workers, because you and them will never "crawl". You are a helpful and caring person. They think they can trust you at any time.
Tree No. 7
You are respected by others, dignified, and able to be recognized by others. Your colleagues appreciate your can-do attitude.
Tree No. 8
You are a person of intellectual labor. There is no question that cannot be answered. Your colleagues are happy to receive advice and assistance from you. He doesn't like physical work, he thinks that any result can be achieved only with his mind.
Tree No. 9
You are very curious and not afraid of any change. Therefore, you can replace someone, even if it is a completely different professional job. Your colleagues appreciate this multifaceted ability.