God, whisper in the ears of the zodiacs...
by Baigalmaa staff
God, whisper in the ears of the zodiacs...
God whispered this in his ear in order to open his heart and make himself known to each of the deposits through music. Exciting...


I have given you the task of leading others and rekindling the fire in their hearts. Stay true to your dreams and inspire others. You may curse many people because of your stubbornness, but remember that you will not achieve what you want without this attitude. This is your tune, listen to it.

"Spring Waltz", Chopin


I have a strange gift for you. If your heart is overflowing with love, then you can easily increase your wealth and wealth in your life. Most importantly, don't confuse love and money. Love should come first, second, third, tenth, everything will follow. This is your tune. Listen...

Richard Clayderman's Best Melody "Moon Tango"


I give you the ability to help people and each other. But first, learn to be in harmony with yourself and your environment. If this can be done, the world will become a psychologist, diplomat and politician of a historical scale. It's you. Your accent

"Dream" Chopin


I have given you incomparable sensitivity and incomparable wisdom. But don't become an intellectual hermit. Your wise mind is needed around you. Your accent is

"Moon Sonata" Beethoven


I give you the ability to lead others like a Sheep. Many people will curse your selfishness and wise king just like the people cursed you. But who can they turn to for help but you? I have added to you a great spirit that will help you whenever you ask and want. Listen to it. A melody that touches your heart.

"Love Story" by Paul Morea


You will analyze and introduce all the beauty of the world I created. Use your own interests and subtle knowledge to study and spread the light of peace based on your practice. A melody that will touch your heart.

"Eliza" Beethoven


Let us give you the ability to see beauty in ordinary things. He gave me all the abilities to praise everything I see. Choose from creative skills such as singing, drawing, and writing. You have all the skills to express the beauty of the world. By Francis Goya, Eternal Melody is yours, for you.


I will give you a heavy gift. Don't be offended, my child, because you have the ability to see into the hearts of others, you are suffering from it all. But, when you can accept the beast in yourself and others as it is, you will get everything you want. It's your tone

"Howl of the Wind" by Annie Morricone


I gave you the ability to entertain others and revive their dreams. Every time I meet you, I will reveal my inner best. "Rain" waltz will touch your heart.


I give you hard work. You teach people not only to work, but also to achieve what they want. You make me realize that the best things don't come easy. When listening to the sweetest heart touching tune, James Last's Lonesome Shepherd...


I task you to be free and happy, to speak through you, and to remind people of me. If you can be truly happy, then you will fulfill my duty. The melody of Salvatore Adamo's "Snow" is yours.


Being my youngest child and giving my fishes an easy gift. You, will foresee the future, you will always feel me, you, very sensitive, too sensitive to everything in the world, and everything will hurt you. Don't worry, I will always help you in your difficult times. A melody that will melt your heart,

"Dream-grass" by Paul Moriah.

I pondered the words whispered in my ear, surrendered my heart to the beautiful melody created by God's inspiration, and sat down in my thoughts to listen to myself, recognize myself, and feel my purpose. Exciting...