Within us lies the possibility of making our dreams come true
by Baigalmaa staff
Within us lies the possibility of making our dreams come true
Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash
Your mind, within you, hides and contains the golden thread of happiness and success. We are surrounded by inexhaustible wealth, happiness, success, and joy, and everyone deserves it.

A small magnet can attract up to 12 times its size, and similarly, we are capable of receiving many times more of all good things with complete confidence in our magnetic field. Belief in goodness and the idea that nothing is impossible is a magnet for happiness, wealth, and power, and it is an inexplicable mystery of this world. All good things will flow to you by using your intuition properly, and for that you need to learn the basics of your intuition. This mysterious inner power has the power to heal the sick and disabled, to heal the body, mind, and spirit, to free the mind, and to make dreams come true. Therefore, by focusing your mind on positive things and letting go of worries, you will activate your magnetic field to attract good things. In order to become the unlimited master of your thoughts, you need to be able to stop negative negative thoughts. Many scientists, artists, poets and writers know this spiritual method. Caruso, a famous singer, once entered the audience hall and could no longer leave the audience. He was so embarrassed that he stopped singing. The singer suddenly wakes up and loudly says to himself, "My little I, my big I are pressing, go!" It is said that Tom shouted "I want to sing" and freed himself to continue the performance. Whenever a negative thought comes in, like this – “go away, I am your master, you must listen to me”, say out loud to yourself whenever possible. Consciousness is like a captain of a ship commanding the sailors on board. The captain of the ship who cannot work with the compass and direction will lead his sailors to their death. In the same way, you need to keep your conscience to steer your mind like a good captain of a ship and make it obey your orders.