Discovering your 6th sense and using it in your everyday life
by Baigalmaa staff
Discovering your 6th sense and using it in your everyday life
Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash
We don't imagine that our sixth sense is something that people who have practiced yoga and meditation for decades or psychics can discover and use for themselves. Then read the following and you will change your mind.

First of all, we have not considered our 5 senses as a means of distinguishing between pleasant and unpleasant things.
Touching - feels hot and cold and prevents by signaling that it is not safe to continue
Smell - perceives unpleasant and dangerous smells
Tasting - warns against harmful and bad food
To see - saves from falling, tripping, colliding and being run over
Hearing - perceives danger with sounds and noises
If any of these 5 senses are not functioning, the risk increases. We perceive reality through our 5 senses.
1. Sight
2. Sound
3. Touch
4. Eat
5. Taste
But the 6th???
6. Think
Thinking is another sense in which we perceive reality. Thoughts judge things by emotions. Joy, optimism, enthusiasm, and gratitude are just like seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and enjoying beautiful things. But anger, jealousy, fear, and shock, like other senses, act as a warning signal, but like too hot things, which irritate the senses, these negative emotions have the ability to destroy a person and themselves, and as they have a hidden, unreal effect, others are different from the senses. For example: When a person approaches a glowing fire, the senses: warm-warm-hot-burn-bitter-stop-death if you don't stop and give a danger signal.
But, Thinking: boredom-sadness-anger-anger-jealousy-blame-fear-sickness-stop-if not stopped, incurable disease and death works in the same scheme. Therefore, in order to properly serve this sense, it is necessary to learn to control and suppress negative emotions as much as possible. Also, you may ask, how do we know the 6th sense warning when we protect ourselves from bad smells, hot things, and unpleasant sounds? Run away from your negative emotions like you are running away from a hot fire. We all have a habit of thinking something unpleasant over and over again. Get rid of these thoughts, as soon as they enter your head, run away from a "hot fire", take away bad thoughts, do not forget that these thoughts are dangerous for your life. Control your thoughts, if you are full of negative thoughts, you are destroying your life. Protect and love your 6th sense from negative emotions just as we, in a hot fire, burn ourselves with love and do not stop. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.


In this way, because we have a little understanding of the 6th sense, we are not only able to manage ourselves daily and lead our lives correctly by using the 6th sense, but also, if you want, you can discover the talent of predicting the fate based on your own changes and observations. Thoughts are powerful when they are pure.